The increasing popularity of online casinos during last few years has developed the stage of rivalry between them and the traditional on-land casinos. Such incidents can be witnessed in large numbers in Los Vegas, the city famous mainly for gambling along with great food and late night parties. After finding convenient and inexpensive option it seems that the gamblers are today overlooking the charm of expensive hotel rooms illuminated with flashing lights used specially for this purpose.

In order to make up the deficiency of night charm, most of the online casinos decided to focus on promotions to allure the gamblers in the form of bonus codes. These bonus codes are offered by the online casinos to encourage the players to visit their site, sign-up and deposit money to play various gambling games. So, for this purpose they place various types of promotional offers with different terms and conditions to take out the cash from the players. Though you can get online casino bonus codes from any reliable online casino but it is better to have brief information about their types and terms and conditions to use them so that you can easily avail their benefit.

Types of bonus codes offered by Online Casinos

With the advent of online casinos various types of promotions were offered by them to attract the people interested in gambling to their website. Some of the online casino bonus codes include:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Sign up bonus
  • Match bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Free money bonus
  • Non-cashable bonus
  • Insurance bonus
  • Referral bonus etc.

The information provided here under about the bonuses of different types will help you to get their benefits easily.

Welcome bonus

This bonus is offered by the online casinos to the new players while Welcoming them to their website. The bonus of this type is also referred as Sign-up bonus or Match bonus by some of the online casinos which they offer on the basis of the cash deposits made by individual player in their account with the casino. For instance a player deposits $100 in his casino account then he can play games for another $100 offered free by the casino. Some of the online casinos offer such bonuses along with some packaged deals to continue the interest of the players in their website. Along with matching bonus on first deposit some of them also offer 50% bonus on second deposit with some restrictions and conditions so that the player keeps on depositing more money and remain engaged with the website.

No deposit bonus

Most of the players of online casinos usually search for this type of bonus as it allows them to get its benefit without staking their hard earned money. This bonus is also known as Free Money bonus or Free Chip bonus at some gambling sites. In this way it is one of the most enticing online casino bonus codes offered to attract the players. In order to retain the players most of the online casinos convert this type of bonus into Non-cashable bonus so that they may not run away after taking the winning amount. In this way the casinos credit the account of the players with bonus amount but not for withdrawing it but to play games only.

Insurance bonus

This type of bonus code is like money back guarantee offered by the casinos to ensure the players to get money even when they lose their deposit in the games. But instead of providing more money to the players they refund their deposits in case of loss in the games. Some online casinos offer Comp Points to encourage the losing players to play the games and win the money they have lost on the website. They can use Comp Points as cash money in various other events on that online casino.

Referral bonus

The promotional bonus of this type is offered by the online casinos as an incentive to encourage the existing players to bring in other potential players. One can take the benefit of this bonus when the player introduced by him mentions him as referrer while signing up and registering an account with the casino.

Reasons to avail the benefit of free bonus codes first

Whether you are an experienced gambler or visiting online Casio for the first time most of the online casinos use bonus codes as a tool to attract all types of players to join them. If you do not avail these free bonuses then you are only wasting a chance offered by the casinos as they are not going to offer any other benefit to such players. You can make considerable difference in your payouts by using these bonus codes and play smartly.

Terms and Conditions of using bonus codes

Though the free online casino bonus codes look attractive to everyone but the casinos offer them as the part of their business to improve their profits. So for this reason they include certain terms and conditions with all the bonuses. Some players may not like to play on the online casinos after reading these terms and conditions but if you have understood them completely then you may not be disappointed with the results after spending your time, money and efforts on these websites.

For instance, there are certain game restrictions to avail the benefit of Welcome Bonus. It is associated with limited slot games that are randomly available to the players interested to avail this bonus. Some of the casinos link the money-back guarantee bonus with some skilled table games to restrict the players.

Similarly the Max Cash-Out and Playthrough bonuses offered by some of the online casinos are offered to the players to restrict them from withdrawing the credit of winning bonus. The condition of Max Cash-Out is meant to call back the players to get more benefits by restricting the amount of their withdrawals. Similarly Playthrough compels the players to wager a fixed amount of money on the online games. In this way online casinos restrict the players to invest the credit of the bonuses instantly in certain games.

Thus you can use the information provided in this write-up while enjoying the benefits of online casino bonus codes by getting them from any reliable online casino.


How To Land The Best Online Casino Deals

Punting has become a luxurious opportunity to make bewildering payouts and fortunes thanks to advancements in technology and availability of numerous online slot machines to play. The number of punters playing in casinos continues to expand tremendously and so is the number of online casinos. Finding a site to play in for free or real money should not be a daunting task. However, there are various things to consider before playing online slots. Not all casinos will meet your unique requirements. Issues of safety and security, payment processing, swift navigation, bonuses and game variety all affect your experience. Finding the best casino deals online therefore requires keen evaluation of a number of aspects.

Hallmarks of the best deals

In order to land the best casino deals online, you must know the specific characteristics of desirable deals. Playing online slots involves different parts that must all be effectively evaluated before you bet any cent. Fortunately, there are many attributes that distinguish reliable casino deals from others. Some of them include the following;

  • Platform and feature set – When looking for the best deal, you want a seamless platform that features simple user friendly interfaces and swift navigation. The platform should be optimized for online playing and must have various high-end features that enhance your playing experience. There are different gaming platforms available in the modern market and each has unique advantages. Microgaming for example is known for numerous online slots and the highest quality graphical detail. However, even the best gaming software like microgaming cannot guarantee quality experience if the site has many hitches that range from long hours of down time, delays in page loading and redirecting. You must therefore analyze the entire set of features a site offer and how they help you. Some sites will conceal several site milestones with attractive bonuses which you might never get to use.
  • Bonuses and welcome packages – Deals are all about value for money and a bonus is always something to look forward to. Different casinos offer different welcome packages for new signups. Sites like Jackpot City for instance offer a $200 welcome bonus plus 100 free spins for every new member. Each site has its own ways of enticing new punters. Others even offer free no deposit bonuses that you can use to play the first few games before you start using your own money to bet. Others offer affiliate opportunities where you get bonuses for every new member you refer to the casino. When looking for the best deals, shop across the whole range and find which sites offer the best promo codes and bonuses and well as discounts.
  • Game variety – Playing in online casino (or any casino for that matter) is all about game variety. You do not want to be limited to a small set of slots. Fortunately, gaming software have been able to develop an inexhaustible number of games and slots to play. They just keep coming and will probably never stop. However, some sites do not have the adequate infrastructure needed to offer high-end games and will therefore stick with old boring slots. If it is really to be considered as the best deal, you should have the freedom to choose from a long list of slots and games ranging from round table to traditional card and jackpot as well as slot machines. Ensure all games offered are high quality and offer real chances of winning high payouts.
  • Payment systems – There are two main things to evaluate in a casino’s payment processing system; convenience and speed. You want a system that is able to quickly process your deposits (especially when you need to bet soon when the opportunity arises) and promptly send payouts to your withdrawal accounts (when you win). You also need a convenient payment system that comprises several options ranging from direct bank transfers to credits and a multitude of online transaction solutions. Each site will list the acceptable payment (deposit/withdrawal) systems and platforms they use so go through this list to ensure you are covered. They should charge reasonably without taking too much money on simple withdrawal transactions.
  • Safety and security – This is another crucial area when you are searching for the best casino deal online. The government imposes various rules and threats on casinos especially since frauds and ID thieves are all around such sites committing criminal activities. You must find a site that offers enhanced security measures to protect your confidential information, punting history and accounts. It is therefore generally advisable to choose sites that are credible businesses licensed to operate within the area. They should also be governed by a known governing body that oversees such businesses. This gives you the comfort of betting your money knowing you can never be conned out of it. It also gives you the right to claim compensation when your details are exposed as a result of the site’s negligence.There are many other minor details to consider before registering to a site in hopes of landing the best casino deal online. Most casinos promote their sites with purported testimonials and stories that are falsified to their advantage. It is upon you to review the credibility of the site. You can always look through previous and current user opinions and comments to gauge the level of service and quality any given casino offers. Expert review sites are also good insight sources for the same.

Where to get the best Casino deals

Once you know the secret hallmarks of a reputable offer, you can simply search for the list of sites allowed to operate within your area and sort using aforementioned insights. It is as simple as performing a casino search on your browser. You can specify the criteria to look for sites that offer promo codes, bonuses and free spins among other features of best deals. Once you have the list of potential sites, simply compare them and find one that will meet your requirements.

High quality gaming platform, several slot options and desirable bonuses and welcome packages

The best online casino deal is characterized by high quality gaming platform, several slot options and desirable bonuses and welcome packages. Fast convenient processing systems and secure networks are also aspects of great deals. High bonuses without these other guarantees are only a blindfold that leads you to the worst casinos you will ever waste your money on. Ensure the business is insured by a known casino insurer and a credible business. With that said, you can always search for promo codes and review other aspects of the casino that provides them